St Johns' Pass Village and Heading South

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Thu 19 Oct 2017 23:52
26:47.102N 082:28.778W

Fall in USA is interesting…. See this great Pumpkin display at the local Publix.

We had a great day out yesterday at St Johns Pass Village, very touristy, but fun shopping and good craft beers.

Crossing the Bascule Bridge with St Johns Village in the background.

Beach at St Johns Pass Village, and beautiful white Pelican

Nicholas New Hat to try keep the sun off him - if he’ll just wear it…..

But it’s now Time to go South.

We decided to leave Treasure Island and head south back to Key West.
A good idea incase another Hurricane comes though - as it give us options….and Key West is laid back, with a lovely Yacht Club where we are very much at home.

As we motored though the Intercostal Waterway to St Johns Pass we saw quite a few dolphins, hundred of fat Pelicans and load of sea birds. The area is a superb nursery for fish spawning and hence attracts seabirds. With the uninhabited islands in the St Johns Pass area, it provides wonderful nesting for the birds. It’s really spectacular.

Soon after we got out to sea through the Bascule Bridge and cleared the shallows, Nicholas put his lines out, and a couple of hours later had a good sized Wahoo on the line. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to get a ‘whole’ photo, so here's the head and tail. It was quickly made into my excellent Pickled Fish, and we await it to be ready in 3 days time. Just the best with Homemade Seed Bread…..

Quite sweetly, the Coast Guard keeps announcing a ‘Securitay Securitay’ with a weather announcement of a High pressure with 20 - 25 kn NE wind expected this afternoon, tonight, through to tomorrow noon.  Just imagine if they did that in Cape Town. They would be on the radio every day……
For us it’s great. A lovely breeze, NE, Offshore, Flat seas, trotting along at 9Kn. Doesn’t get better. Champagne Sailing.  However as the sun begins to set, we’ll be prudent and slap a reef in. Just in case………