Nantucket to Caribbean 1

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Mon 19 Nov 2018 23:42
We left Nantucket on Friday 15 November 2018.
On Thursday 14th night, as the first BIG storm dropping snow all over New York, Boston and Newport came over us in Nantucket, with big winds of 45 Kn gusting 55 Kn from the East, we had a tiring night checking our anchor in case of dragging. Morning dawned and the wind veered south and then west, and our anchorage became untenable with a chop and swells setting in quickly from the west,  and it was time for us to UP anchor and leave. It was exactly the weather pattern we were waiting for to leave...................
The passage out of Nantucket and into the ocean had BIG Sea Swells from the East and South. But slowly the westerly set in and the seas became more from behind us, and more comfortable. The 36 hr period from nightfall of 14th to morning of 16th was VERY Tiring.
So. All sounds good. Except there’s that dang Gulf Current. And YES we hit it, with 4 knots against us, we just had to plough through it. At least it was going NE, and we South, so, well, it slowed us down but..... ‘Saul Goodman’.
It’s now a couple of days later, and approaching Bermuda, we are happy to see;
Sargassa Weed
Flying Fish on our decks
ALL very good signs that we are heading into warmer waters, AND Sea Temp 25 deg, Air Temp 25 deg ......... Beats our 3 Deg daytime and 1 deg nightime in Nantucket......................YAY for a Boat.