SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sun 12 Mar 2017 21:23
Hi All

We’ve been in Chaguaramas, Trinidad for 2 weeks. The first week was Carnival week, with most locals on holiday and most companies closed. We had HUGE FUN at Carnival. Joining in the street parties and jamming with the locals troupes. If any of you have heard the song Full Extreme, it is the song of 2017 Carnival and it’s played at full volume, repeatedly……

Thanks for all the wonderful messages on FaceBook.

This week we’ve been able to get contractors to come quote and start work on the items we need TLC for Meshugga, and we hope those jobs will be finished by end of the coming week. Our Freezer took all of a 1/2 hour to sort out - it was merely a setting adjustment as the water in Cape Town is 9 deg, and 28 deg here. Our drinks fridge is restored to housing refreshments and big freezer working perfectly.

Chaguaramas is a Caribbean hub for yacht repairs. There are at least 2000 yachts here. Some out on the hard, some on mooring buoys and others on marinas. Yotties come here to leave the yachts here to go home, or to have work done on them. We’ve met a few Saffers, who work professionally in the yachting industry and they’ve all helpful in putting us in touch with good local contractors. Nicholas and I are keeping busy with tasks that we prefer to not have contractors do, and minor things that do not warrant a professional.  

In the meantime, we’re at Crews Inn Marina and Hotel, with all amenities we need lots of restaurants around. Below are a few photos of Meshugga at Crews Inn Marina.

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