Fairhope, Alabama

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sun 4 Mar 2018 17:23
30:32.529N 87:54.092W

After many phone calls and Googling, it became apparent that it would be difficult to get Meshugga’s mast removed in Mobile as all the normal Yacht Facilities were up rivers off the Greater Mobile Bay, and we could not get under the bridges to get to the facilities. We were put in contact with a local Rigger, Wes Stanley who was very helpful and within a couple of days had all arranged.

We arrived at Fly Creek, on Tuesday. It's a little inlet on the east side of Mobile Bay. It houses the Fairhope Yacht club which has been very welcoming, as well as Fly Creek Marina which stores small speed boats on racks, and the Fairhope Docks Marina, a fairly basic city marina. With No bridges, we were able to get through the channel at mid tide, and tied up to a jetty at the Fairhope Docks Marina. Nicholas spent Wednesday and Thursday stripping out halyards, and we removed the Genoa and Staysail.

On Friday we had a huge crane from All Crane come remove our Mast and Boom.

Fairhope Yacht Club in the foreground. Meshugga on the jetty at Fairhope Docks Marina
Rigger on our Mast, taking down wind instruments

Big Crane

The boom is already chocked on cradles Nicholas made on our port side deck. The Mast is on the shore, and Nicholas is stripping out wiring etc, the Rigger comes back tomorrow, and he and Nicholas will removed the spreaders etc and split the mast in two.

Next we need to get a smaller crane to come pick up and put the two sections of the mast onto our starboard side deck. In addition, Nicholas will be erecting a small mast to hold anchor and flood lights, and our VHF and AIS antennas.

Superb sunsets every evening
We had a stunning night out at the local Artwalk, which is held in Fairhope Village every First Friday of the month.
The local people in Fairhope are incredibly friendly and welcoming and we’ve had dozens of people come down to Meshugga to say Hi, and Welcome Us.

Artwalk Art Studio
Bands play in Art Studios in stores

Lovely arty stuff
The village is beautiful with trees lit up - like Paris

Although Spring has arrived and there are loads of flowers blooming everywhere, it’s a little colder than I’m used to, and first time since leaving the cold Cape West Coast, I hauled out my Sheepskin slippers…