South Africa - Dassen Island

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Tue 27 Dec 2016 11:50
Hi All

This is my first Blog for our new adventure aboard SV Meshugga.
We left Cape Town on 26 December 2016 watching the Cape to Rio Cruising Class start, and then sailed north to Dassen Island which was about a 5 hour sail.
An hour out of CT a juvenile Southern Right Whale came to visit, surfacing about 15m from Meshugga, and we saw loads of seals.
Meshugga was a bit of a mess inside and out with all the last minute things put aboard, and we spent the following day tidying up, packing and testing systems. On our evening dingy cruise around House Bay, we only saw 6 penguins - which is quite sad as I remember the days of hundreds marching in to their burrows after their day of fishing. Interesting to note that lots of mooring buoys have been laid in House Bay, which I assume are for visiting yachts as they were all using them, whilst the cute pretty colourful Crayfish boats were all at anchor further out.

1 Dassen Island
2 Nicholas on our dingy
3 Meshugga in House Bay