Bahamas - Ragged Islands, Hog Cay, Another week of Projects 1

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Mon 19 Apr 2021 17:11

Our week began with saying Goodbye to our good friends Karen and Duane of Sojourn. They are beginning their slow trip north through the Bahamas and back to North Carolina. We hope to meet them somewhere sometime.

Next morning, Sojourn, sails up and off they go.
Fair Winds

 Our lives continue with Nicholas getting on with his FlyBridge Project in the cave overhang ashore

Meshugga is now the only yacht in Hog Cay anchorage

A few days later, we had 4 yachts arrive, as well as another pigeon, this time on Yacht Roaming Holiday. Linda and Joe brought it ashore as they we’re leaving next day.
Guy feeding the pigeon, tame and used to being handled. 

After eating he flew up into the rafters of the Hut and was quite happy up there

BBQ cookout with Guy & Kayla (LHS) and Tim & Kayak (RHS) of Mama Tried.
(LHS) Dan & Sharon of Barquette, end of table James & Linda of Roamin’ Holiday, 
(RHS) Nicholas, I’m missing as I’m taking the photo

BBQ, cooking meats and fish

After dinner we gathered around and made a Bon Fire trading stories. The blue light in the background is Meshugga