Sombrero Key Sanctuary

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Wed 16 Aug 2017 19:52
24:37.646N 81:06.687W

We anchored on the outer barrier reef,  just outside of the Sombrero Key Sanctuary Preservation Area, and went into the reserve to snorkel.
Lots of lovely tourist fish -  not at all afraid of divers.
The wind was kind and the forecast for the night was for a light breeze so we stayed overnight and continued on our trip to Key West next morning.

Aband Light House on Sombrero Key

Fish and Coral

Blue Tang
Fan Coral
Puffer Fish
Lowfin Rudderfish
Nicholas diving
Fish eating algae off bottom of mooring buoy

Mooring buoys provided in Santuary for small boats for diving

Aband Lighthouse on Sombrero Key with Meshugga in the background