Caribbean Arrival @ St Martin

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Fri 30 Nov 2018 12:12
18: 3.24N 63:6.08W

We arrived at St Martin midday yesterday, Thursday 29 November. Tired and very pleased to have finally arrived. It was a long 2 week trip from Nantucket.

Winds were not as predicted on the weather gribs, and we had gales, no wind, squalls, more gales, no wind, and finally in the easterly trade winds. Not the pleasant downwind conditions forecast.

We’ll be here for a while. Late yesterday afternoon entered Simpson Bay Lagoon, via the Dutch lifting bridge @ US$120 fee (in and out). Unfortunately the French bridge @ $ free, is too narrow for Meshugga, taking max beam boats of 32”, and we’re 33” wide.

We are now anchored on the French side. It was a toss up which side to anchor on Dutch or French.

We’ll go ashore shortly to clear customs and immigration etc, and hopefully get some excellent French baguettes.

We intend to stay here for awhile, both to sightsee and relax, and we have a few repairs that need attending to after the last 2 weeks of heavy weather sailing. Some repairs Nicholas can do, and the island has excellent services for yachts so we are confident we can get all done easily.

I have a boat to clean, and laundry to do and slide into Cruising Mode.

The weather is a stunning 29 deg C at 8am. And mid-day temps just over 30 deg C.
We swam yesterday at anchor in the bay whilst waiting for the Simpson Bridge opening slot, and the water was a devine 29,5 deg C warm.

I’ll upload photos of our passage in a next blog.

Take Care