US Virgin Islands - St Croix, Diving Frederiksted Pier

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Fri 3 Jan 2020 18:51
We dived on the Pier which is said to be home for a colony of Sea Horses.

Depths varied from about 6m close ashore to around 10-12 meters at the sea end

File Fish

Beautiful cone corals

Turtle sleeping at the base of a column

We dived twice, both times around 2 hours each, and hunted for the Sea Horses, with no luck. They were last seen about 5 days ago by one of the dive operators, and even though we went to the exact column where they had been see, we unfortunately could not find them as they’d moved on. They are so tiny, and there are so MANY columns to inspect....., around 90x.

Thank you Nicholas for my new Dive Camera.

On 1 January Carnival parade started with Jovert aka Jub Jub, which starts at 4am through to about 1pm. We kept well away, as they cover themselves with oil, and smear everything and everybody they pass with oil. Not my thing, and as we’d been up to around 1am celebrating the New Year in, so I chose a sleep-in. The Parade ends at the Carnival Park, so we heard the music trucks loudly and could see the thousands of people singing and dancing in the street.

On 2 January there was a Craft Fair at the Pier Gates with a Steel Pan Band, and stalls of local eats

Decorated truck which pulls the Steel Pan band

Sorry, I took videos of the Fair - which I cannot upload to the Blog site. :-(

On our way back to Meshugga from the Fair on an overcast rainy day, But the Pier was still busy with tourist and dive boats

Some amazing sights of Frederiksted from the water....
Amazing silver palm trees

3 January. Today is Kids Carnival, and it’s squally overcast rainy weather whilst a cold front crosses the USA, but still a warm 28 degrees C, with 6 other cruising yachts in Frederiksted anchorage, awaiting the main Carnival tomorrow, on Saturday 4th.

Take Care

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