Bahamas - Great Exumas, Coakley Cay

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Thu 26 Mar 2020 21:29
23:25.89N 76:1.13W

We left Little Farmers Cay and sailed south on the Bahamas Bank, following the path recommended by C-Maps, through the reefs and bommies.

About 30 minutes before reaching Coakley Cay, our wind instrument stopped working, and we thought ‘Sods Law’, - something will always go wrong when least expected. However on arrival at Coakley Cay, another yacht was already anchored there, called Delphina. They called us on the VHF to tell us we had a Osprey sitting on our mast.

I waved my arms wildly and it ignored me, then I ran for my camera to get a few photos.
As we furled the Genoa, it did not like the sound and readied to fly off.

JPEG image

The Osprey circled Meshugga, as though looking to land again, and then flew off towards Coakley Cay and the other nearby Cays. Beautiful.

JPEG image

Glorious sunset at Coakley Cay with Delphina at anchor.

Pink clouds

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Take Care

Deidre Mace
SV Meshugga
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