Brazil - Isla de Fernando de Noronha

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sun 12 Feb 2017 16:59
We spent 2 days in Fernando de Noronha and spent our time clearing in/out and sightseeing. We hired a motorbike via a friend of the Port Captain, which we quickly found out was a bad choice as 2/3 of the island roads are dirt roads, and not good. Coupled with the rain squalls made for muddy slippery conditions. A better option would have been a beach buggy of which we later found there were lots for hire.
There is no marina and anchoring in the bay cost a whopping R1132 per day, plus a daily Parks Board fee of R350 per person, further as most of the island is Reserve a further card to enter the Reserve areas and beaches has to be bought at another R500 per person, making it an expensive island to visit. Anchoring was also restricted to a 1 mile stretch of the bay and side on to the ocean swells - so very rolly, and no visiting any of the pretty outlying islands with Meshugga as they are all in the Marine Reserve.
However the island is scenic with lots of walking trails, and natural, rustic facilities. Water is warm for swimming, and we were told the diving and snorkeling was good. An Argentina couple we met, said the scuba diving was on par with Sodwana Bay, KZN…… which they visited a couple of years ago.
Clearing in and out was easy, but time consuming. The Port Captain was friendly and although he spoke no English, he had a translation program on his computer, making communication very easy. He took us to Immigration, a 5 min drive away, as well as to the Navy to clear out - after we had waited 3 hours at his office for the Navy to come issue us our Outward Clearance papers.
Brazil officials are pleasant but definitely on Manyana time and remember that lunch is taken from 11.30am to 2pm.
1 Dolphins on arrival
2 Our bike
3 Meshugga anchored outside the Porto breakwater
4 Baia do Sueste
5 Praia do Padre