Back to Cuba

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Sat 10 Feb 2018 15:25
Our trip back from Cape Town was long and tiring. Our plane left Cape Town late, and in Addis Ababa we had to run with escorting Airline Officials from our plane to our connecting flight, as our plane to Toronto was already fully boarded, and waiting for 4 passengers from our incoming plane. We were dubious that our luggage would make the connection.

On arrival in Toronto 3 of our 4 bags were first off the baggage carasole. The 4th bag with our newly made Grandi 316 Stainless Steel Fresh Water Drinking Tank, had gone walk-about. The Officials searched for the bag both in International and Domestic Arrivals and the entire plane was searched, as their computers showed that the bag had been placed aboard the flight. I had Airline Officials and Customs grilling me as to what the bag contained, with numerous questions of whether it contained booze, cigarettes, drugs, valuables - they were going on the assumption that the bag had been stolen by airline workers for the valuables therein. After much assuring that it was an empty SS tank, with a large open inspection hole, that it was of no value to anyone except us, they continued their search and it was found in Cargo 4 hours later - and then the transfer vehicle broke down in the snow …….…  By the time we’d checked into Cubana Air, through security and to the Airline Lounge, I was desperately in need of a large whiskey to destress.  Thankfully we had a 7 hour layover, so all ended well.

On arrival in Cuba, we had Customs Officials scratching their heads at the sheer volume of spares, the tank, new fridge inserts etc that we had in our luggage, and after much assuring them that it was all for ‘Embarco” and not For Sale, or Gifts, and showing them our Yacht Registrations and Marina Contract, they reluctantly allowed us to leave with all our goodies without any Customs Duty being paid.

Back on Meshugga at Marina Cayo Largo del Sur we found Meshugga in perfect shape, and must give all thanks to Dockmaster Evelio Gonsalves who checked Meshugga every day and sent us many emails assuring us that all was well with her.

We spent our first day scrubbing decks and unpacking our bags of stuff and goodies.

We are now back out Cruising, and our first destination is Cayo Campos where hundreds of Cangrejo monkeys come to the beach to a feeding station run by the Islands Rangers. 

photos to follow…..