Hurricane Irma

SV Meshugga
Nicholas & Deidre Mace
Wed 6 Sep 2017 20:20
So, we are ready.
Full tanks of diesel and victualed with our needs.

We left Key West today at 3pm EST.
We are heading for Dry Tortugas (50 miles west of Key West), then south to Cuba to cross the Gulf Stream current. Then along the north coast of Cuba, then maybe crossing the Gulf Stream current to Mexico, Cancun.
It's possible that when we get to Dry Tortugas that the Irma has shifted so Far East that we do not need to go further, and then we'll sail back to mainland Florida somewhere on the west coast. Key West is a lovely holiday town much like Langebaan (west coast of South Africa - lovely town but useless to get anything done).

We can be in contact via Sat TracPhone for emails, and will continue keep a sharp lookout on the NOAA weather reports and GRIB files.

We'll keep in touch.