Trinidad living

Stephen Bassett
Wed 21 May 2014 15:42
We are still here and living in a small apartment near the hospital. Stephen's progress is slow and steady. Just what the Doctor ordered but Stephen is getting impatient.

Karacool is safe in Power Boats yard and will stay here for the time being. Had her cleaned the other day as she was such a mucky lady. It is the dry season here and when the wind gets up so does the dirt. And then there is ash from the forest fires which are happening every day. So will have to do it again soon, too soon.

So we are here until the Doc says Stephen is able to fly. Then we will head home to Scotland and see how we like living as landlubbers again. We are shipping some household stuff back to the UK. That's a joke but amounts to about 30 boxes of tools, books, kitchenware, electrical cables for computers, the list is endless. The washing machine stays here though!!

Finding a shipper was not easy but have ended up with space in a small container on a banana boat, Geest! Had to appoint a local agent to connect with the ship, then organise insurance. It feels endless. But at last we have a date and they are coming to collect our boxes on Friday. The we will plan some sightseeing. So definitely looking forward to that.

Sorry not too many posts on the blog but there have been too many balls to be kept in the air. Hoping normal service will resume soon.

Question - does anyone know how to download and save Mailasail blog entries? Please let me know.

Best wishes from us both.