Leaving Gibraltar

Stephen Bassett
Wed 5 Oct 2011 11:16
We are provisioned and have all crew on board now. Ready to depart tomorrow morning early (Monday 3rd October) and go to Porto Santo then Madeira.
Keith, a good friend of Stephen's has joined us and he is being kept busy learning to tie a Bowline!! He arrived with an Inverter and claims to have no clothes. But the rest of his luggage space seemed to be used for the fantastic leg of Serrano Ham - with stand - that he also brought. Pic to follow when we are in Port. And Stephen is guarding this now essential provision!
In Gibraltar, I did the biggest grocery shop ever - it is very hard to know how many packets of Frosties to take for the whole trip - but even toilet rolls have to be accounted for.
Look for the latest update in a few days time, hopefully with a few pics to help.