Position report

Stephen Bassett
Thu 8 Mar 2012 15:58
We nearly caught a fish this morning! It was huge, according to Stephen. We will keep trying. We are getting closer to Galapagos and are seeing Boobies, both Brown and Red-footed. They are trying to land on Karacool but so far have not managed it. In this morning's net, Rhu on Oyster Moon reported that they were sitting on their boat in the bow, and yesterday one landed on her head!! No mess reported!
There are 300 miles to go in this leg and the wind has not  been helping too much. We are hoping for a brisker sail but will have to wait and see.
Patrick continues to feed us well and we will miss him when he leaves us in Galapagos.
That's all for now, Take care till the next blog.