Getting there

Stephen Bassett
Sun 29 Apr 2012 02:07
Having reached the halfway point, we are now looking at tides and currents through the passes into the atolls. Now, we have decided to visit Ahe first, in the tuamotos. There are 218 miles to go and we hope to get there on the 30th April.
Life on board is very leisurely today, with the conditions calm and the wind light but fairly consistent. Having written that, just watch it change! It is strange, however, as we have not seen any wildlife again today. Oyster Moon has at least seen a huge pod of Dolpins but not us. Aw well, may be tomorow.
Below is the beautiful church window from Tahuata.The church was built in 1988 to commemorate 150 years of French missionaries. The artists used for the designs and the carvings were all Marquesan. It is a beautiful, peacfeul place.