We have crossed the Line

Stephen Bassett
Sat 10 Mar 2012 12:08
Hurrah! We have crossed the Equator into the Southern Hemisphere.
We crossed the Equator half an hour ago, on my watch at 6am on 10th March 2012. There is no line in the water, only the imagined one in my head, and as every-one else is asleep I turned on the deck lights, watched the Boobies flying by and thought of how far we have come since leaving Gibraltar in October. 
The moon is out and the sea all around is empty of other vessels of any kind. There is a peacefulness except for the noise of the engine. Being on the dawn watch is good as you get to see the dawn and the beginning of the day. Life on board is all about balancing what you have (power, water, food, weather) with getting where you want to be. So, at the moment we are motor-sailing as the wind is too light to sail towards Galapagos. There are 66 miles to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island and we should get there today about 6pm.
I hope everyone is well and keeping tabs on the Karacool Blog.
Best wishes, Annie