Slow wind

Stephen Bassett
Sun 8 Apr 2012 18:50
Day 22 - Happy Easter Everyone.
It feels as though we are trying to sail through treacle!! The wind is erratic and there is not much of it. We managed to cover 107 miles yesterday and there is still 290 to go. So, being realistic, we should arrive comfortably on Wednesday.
Today's challenge is to remove saltwater stains from the mattress covers. There are two methods in use!  One cover is in a tub with detergent and foot power activation, and the other is being dragged behind the boat like a fishing line! The jury has to meet and assess which is the best method later today. I can hear a little voice saying - But you have a washing machine?? Yes but these are large covers plus we have some extra water from the rain last night.
Till tomorrow...