Hook Island

Stephen Bassett
Sat 25 May 2013 07:08
Tuesday 21st May
I know  - we said we were staying at least two nights in one place but the weather was due to change so decided to up sticks and head for a better anchorage. As we were just heading around the corner, left at 10.30am after a peaceful start in sunshine. Just lovely. So Hook Island – here we come. There was another pass to negotiate but this time the tide and current were going our way. The anchor was down and we had lunch by 1.30pm, in time to watch the antics of the charter boats also trying to find a safe haven. Some could not decide which way to go, and the radio made for interesting lestening. What else do you do when there is no internet reception.
We did stay in Macona Inlet for two nights which was great. Wednesday however was overcast so no Vit D top-up. There will be plenty of opportunity later.