Fare Amedee

Stephen Bassett
Thu 18 Oct 2012 01:41
Some more photos...
On Sunday  we decided to explore beyond Noumea and with Paul & Rhu (Oyster Moon) and Charles and Aurora (local Looping lovers) and headed to Ilot Amedee. It is a beautiful little island covered in coconut palms and boasts the tallest lighthouse in New Caledonia. It was commissioned by Napoleon 3rd and was designed by Eiffel – the same clever chap who also built something large in the middle of  Paris!
So we set off at 8.30am and arrived in time to drop the anchor at lunchtime. After lunch we went ashore and had a look. Here’s some photos.
Fare Amedee (Amedee lighthouse – you may climb to the top but we did not!
It is a lovely spot with friendly people and animals but I am not sure about the one in the next picture?
This is a sea snake, poisonous but with thankfully, small mouths so it is very rare to hear of any bites on humans.