Stephen Bassett
Mon 2 Jan 2012 23:22
We have moved on today to a new country! We left our berth in Nelsons Dockyard this mornng early (very early) and set sail for Guadeloupe. The french flag came out and we also checked the stock of Euros. It seems strange to be in the Caribbean but using European money. Funnily enough, even the traffic sounds French!!
It was a bumpy crossing as the wind was on the beam all the way, at over 25 knots mostly. But we made good time and were secure in Deshaies Bay by 1pm. This is only a stop-over for one night on the way to the Iles des Saintes (also Guadeloupe). Deshaies looks like a lovely little town and it boasts another 'Hemingways'. That guy certainly got around!! There is also a tropical garden and Stephen has seen lots of parakeets flying over the bay. Although we are not going ashore it would be worth a visit another time but not on this trip.
Time for dinner (think gruel is on the menu) so more tomorrow. Bye for now.