Cape Bowling Green

Stephen Bassett
Sat 25 May 2013 07:39
Friday 24 May
And we are off. The anchor was stowed and the sails flying by 7.05am. The wind (SW 10-15 kts) was on the beam and brisk – we were creaming along. Had to dodge and weave past the bulk carrier terminal at Abbott Point – and past the bulk carriers. One left as we approached and another was being eased into place by two tugs. We had to go around it.
AS we were doing so well we carried on past the first planned stopping point and after 75 miles stopped by Cape Bowling Green at 5pm. What a super sail – this is more like it.
The names of the places are those given to them by Captain Cook and crew. And you can understand why Cape Bowling Green was so named – it is big and wide with a sandy beach. Looks like a quiet place.
Here are some pictures taken at Abbot Point.
This one is leaving – look how low it is in the water.                                                                                 This is where the next one is going.
This one is empty, just compare it to the picture above. And they could not manoeuvre without the tugs.