Day 2 passage report

Stephen Bassett
Fri 27 Apr 2012 20:13
En route to the Tuamotos, French Polynesia. This is an archipelago of 78 coral atoll islands extending over 1,000 miles of Pacific Ocean. We will pass through them and visit three or four islands. The names of the islands we are going to visit are - Manihi, Ahe, Rangiroa and Fakarava. Some of the atolls have pearl farms, and specialise in black pearls. Well, a girl just has to look at least!!
We have travelled 120 Nms since leaving the Marquesas yesterday morning, with 335 Nms to go to Manihi. Overnight the wind was steady and kind but decided to through a rainstorm at us at 4am. Not pleasant and even now the wind is being erratic with sometimes 5knots then 12knots and back to 5knots again! Day is clear and bright.
No wildlife spotted so far so hoping for something today. Temperature in the cabin is 30 deg C, Temperature on board - resigned but calm.
Till tomorrow.