On passage

Stephen Bassett
Wed 10 Oct 2012 18:16
We are on passage to Australia. There was very little wind when we left the anchorage and went to get fuel. The trip out to the pass was uneventful but the pass was spectacular. Imagine the sea, no rocks or islands and then add in some BIG breaking waves. And I mean big.  IMPRESSIVE!  Then, look at the surfers' calmly waiting there for the right moment to launch themselves into the wave. We have seen many reef passes but this one was the imspiring.
And now the Bird Hotel is open! There is a Booby (Brown, not Blue) in residence since 10pm last night. Let’s hope that he or she is the only one because it does not seem to be toilet trained so one is more than enough.
The wind is 10-12 knots, ESE and the moon is out. It will be dawn soon and we will start Day 2 on passage.
Here is the Reef pass.