Stephen Bassett
Sun 20 May 2012 18:58
We have spent 9 days in Papeete and now it is time to move on to a new location but before we go here are a few pictures of our visit.
A Tahitian shed - or just another party boat that you could hire for a day. Cannot see it being of use in the north Altantic though.
Papeete walking tour with Keith (Karacool), Paul and Rhu (Oyster Moon) and Annie (Karacool). We are standing at one of the Transits in downtown Papeete close to the Town Quay where we were moored on one of the pontoons. There followed a LONG & HOT walk around the town to see the House of Queen Pomare the Fourth amongst other things; Gaugin's Banyan tree, an old hospital, most of which we did not find!! We were all looking but there are few signs or clues. Later we discovered that Queen Pomare's house was the tin shack on the corner!!!
Keith was so upset that he had to have a Banana Split to help him recover from that lack of sights on the Walk.
Will post this and then try another entry if photos work. A