Kingdom of Tonga

Stephen Bassett
Sun 1 Jul 2012 02:12

We are in the Kingdom of Tonga, in one of the safest anchorages we have
been in so far. We have had a few days of rest and recuperation as the
passage from Niue was long enough in spite of the lively weather.

Tonga is made up of four island groups, and we are in Vava'u, in the town
of Nieafu. While we have been here - since Tuesday - we have been to a
Tongan feast, local Pig racing, and a lot of resting!!!

We have met up with floating friends, old and new, and generally had a
lovely, easy time. Keith is trying to return to the UK but it not proved
an easy task. The international flight is no problem but the local flight
from here to Nuka'Alofi where the BIG airport is, has no seats except
standby for the next two weeks. Hmmmm... anyway he has to clean the hulls
before he leaves!!!

We plan to go to an anchorage for a few days and will get some tropical
pictures then.