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Stephen Bassett
Sun 19 May 2013 07:24

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We left the Keppel Bay Marina later than normal, about 9.30am, as I wanted to get the washing dry in the laundry before we left. It was an overcast day and when we did leave it started raining. And it did not stop until we put the anchor down in Pearl Bay. It was the first time since we left Europe that we were both kitted out in our wet weather gear!! Up until now we have managed with rain jackets at worst. Having said that, Australia is the only country where I had to buy an umbrella. It is truly a country of contrasts.
In addition to the rain, we had to check with the coast guard about Military manoeuvres in the area around Pearl Bay. We might see some flares being tested!
The trip to Pearl Bay was so dreich that we were quite demoralised and more than happy at the end of the day to anchor up, shut the door and have an early night. No point adding photos as they would be grey even if we had taken any. But all is well on board and the sun might shine tomorrow!!