Stephen Bassett
Fri 3 Aug 2012 04:22
Hallo from Suva, the capital city in Fiji with a population of almost half a million people. It is a shock to be in such a busy place but we are coping. There is a huge market area and the fresh produce is shown below. Look out Tesco – these stallholders come in 6 days a week and set up fresh every day.
Fifj is a country with a colonial past, and it shows in the bureaucracy. See the market rules.
Yaqona is the alcoholic drink made from kava root and seems to be the local tipple. So much so the military government are trying to pass a law to ban taxi drivers from drinking it.
And having had a shop selling haberdashery, it was interesting to see these two items on sale in a local department store!!
You could have this for about 1100 Fijian Dollars. That’s about 330 pounds!! Or the manual one for about 110 pounds. Now thats fancy stitching.