Passage report

Stephen Bassett
Mon 20 Jan 2014 10:33
Decided to try some canned provisions for dinner, last night. Only because the cook could not get her act in gear. So tried a fancy french tin of Duck in Armangac, thinking it would be tasty and similar to Confit Duck. It was not – turned out to be duck stew and not so tasty. It will be beans on toast tonight.
Other news on the food front: trying to decide if we can make it to st Helena without making bread. When we were in Australia we found part-baked bread which kept until you popped it in the oven for a few minutes. But this was not to be found in South Africa. So our stock are runnimg low but can possible stretch them to Friday or Saturday. Watch this space.
Progress to date:
Trip mls so far – 964Nms
Ave Speed – 6.3kts
Wind – 16-22 ESE/SE
eta St Helena – 25th Jan
Miles to go – 771 Nms
All well on board.