Rest day

Stephen Bassett
Sat 11 May 2013 06:20
We are anchored at Fraser Island, the biggest ‘sand island’ in the world! It is a nature reserve where you can enjoy the wildlife but also try out a sand 4x4 experience or even stay over in the various lodges. Being at anchor, we can enjoy it without moving a finger.
All that after a run through the Great Sandy Straits yesterday. It was nerve racking as the last time we did this route we managed to ‘park the boat on a sand bar which was not supposed to be there – naughty sand. So we enjoyed a Fraser Island lunch as the locals call it. We ended up waiting until the tide came back and then moved off in the dark!! Not an experience we were keen to repeat.
So, yesterday we left Pelikan Bay (yes, it is spelt with a ‘k) at 8am and motor-sailed to the Straits. The wind was calm to begin with and then became erratic, breezy and too much. We skipped past places with names like – Snout Point, Figtree Creek, Arch Cliffs and so on. And eventually we made it out the other end. With nerves a bit jangled, we decided to have a rest day today, and will set off for Lady Musgrove Reef as our next port of call.
Sorry no pics today as internet is slow. All well on board.