More visitors

Stephen Bassett
Thu 8 Dec 2011 19:41
The weather is nothing like the forecast downloaded from Mailasail!! Have been motor-sailing all day and progress is slow.
But we have had more feathered visitors so the word is out that we are a good stop-over on the migration route.
This little lady swallow stayed overnight but she did not like room service and left early this morning. Later a large tern tried to check in but changed his mind. Then another gentleman swallow called by about lunch time and after a little rest has also moved on.
Now Stephen is practising his accordion and we have just been on the net but as reception was lousy have only exchanged locations. Oyster Moon are gaining on us! This morning they were 200 Nmiles behind us but are now 193 Nmiles behind. It will be good to meet again soon.
That's all today, A n S.