Paella night in Tonga

Stephen Bassett
Wed 18 Jul 2012 22:12
If you yearn for European food whilst in Tonga ... then head for the Paella restaurant near Anchorage No.11 in Vava’u island group!!
Nestled on the tree-lined slopes is a small restaurant called Paella, run by a Spanish couple who sailed here 22 years ago. They prepare a set menu of Tapas and Paella. You bring your own wine, eant the feast and then sit back and digest your dinner whislt they serenade you. We were their only customers that night but it was fantastic, and a surprising last night on Tonga.
The restaurant kitchen is next to the living area for the couple.
Paul discussing the finer points of cooking, ummm ... goat maybe! (See next pic)
She escorted us into the building, would have eaten our shorts given half a chance and danced the fandango when chased from the table. We believe she lives under the first table on the left!
The paella being prepared.
A super evening, enjoyed by all including the goat. The hardest part was getting across the channel from the anchorage in the dark. No roads, no street lights to guide you so it was just as well that Stephen and Paul had done a recce in the daylight.