Port Vila

Stephen Bassett
Wed 15 Aug 2012 00:25
We arrived in Vanuatu on Monday and are now on a mooring at Yachting World. There are plenty moorings here which is just as well as there are plenty yachts. It is possible to med-moor on the wharf but that is more expensive.  The mooring costs 2000 Vatus per night:- that’s nearly £16 (UK Pounds)!!! And we get free water; on a mooring!! We have checked in with Quarantine, Immigration & Customs. They all have separate offices which are all over town. Luckily the Quarantine officer came out to the boat first. You are not allowed ashore until this is done and you have the first of many official documents. We eventually took the dinghy across the bay to the Customs office along with Gary and Iseta from Felicity J, as we could not find it.
Vanuatu is a holiday destination for Australia so there are plenty activities available. For example, it is possible to take a local flight to Tanna to see an active volcano and visit a traditional village.  To take Karacool to Tanna requires a cruising permit which is another visit to Customs so we may leave her here for a day or two, and fly over to view the volcano and visit the island.
No photos yet but will rectify that in a few days.