On Passage

Stephen Bassett
Mon 18 Jun 2012 00:32
Rumour has it that some yachts are using underhand techniques to increase speed in an unofficial race - oops I mean sail - to Tonga! There are reports of the use of ladies underwear, namely bra and knickers to harness more wind. The organisers are investigating and there may be a stewards enquiry - at a suitable local inn soon!!
Karacool has not so far utilised these dubious methods but ....
We have 437 miles to travel to Niue and have been reading about the island. There are about 1500 peole living on the Island. And 20,000 living in New Zealand!! In 2006 the island was hit by a hurricane and part of the island was flattened. We hope that it has managed to return to an even keel.
Luckily, Stephen is already a member of Niue Yacht Club from his previous trip.  It has interesting caves and chasms and hoefully we will be able to explore some of them. So we look forward to seeing what they have to offer.