At Ascension

Stephen Bassett
Thu 6 Feb 2014 10:28
We are at anchor in Clarence Bay, Georgetown, Ascension.
The water is sooo clear, and this am could see Turtle tracks in the sand. This is the start of their breeding season and they are
plentiful. We could see their tracks on the beach where they had gone to lay their eggs at night. They then return to the sea to mate some more then repeat the egg excercise the following night.
We are not allowed to land on any of the beaches as we could damage the turtle
breeding grounds.
Lots of birds here too including Boobies. These are red and brown footed boobies unlike Galapagos where they had blue feet!
Ascension is a mountainous peak rising from the sea floor. It is not obviously pretty and on approach looks barren. But there is plenty birdlife to see (at last) and a cloud forest called Green Peak. So a bit of exploring to do.
The plan is to stay here until Saturday, then leave again for Cabadello in Brazil. More tomorrow once we have explored a little.