Passage report

Stephen Bassett
Tue 4 Feb 2014 10:00
Tuesday 5th Feb
We are getting closer to Ascension and if the wind continues in this pattern, we should arrive there tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope so as we are out of eggs and tonic water. Apparently the shopping is not great on Ascension but I hope we catch the delivery boat (RMS St Helena) and there will be some spare eggs. A few fresh vegetables would be nice too. Otherwise our provisions are holding out well.
Treated Stephen to fried Spam and beans the other day which was delicious. He now has to catch a fish but so far not even a bite and we have been trying since we left South Africa.
At 10.00 Hrs today,
Wind    12-14 Kts E/ESE
Sea - still choppy, swell 1.5-1.8m
Travelled 572 Nms ex St H, with 140 Nms to go.
Speed @ 4.5-5 kts, sailing last 24 hrs
Air temp 30C, Sea temp 27C
ETA to Ascension - Wed
Cheers, A n S.