Day 21 on passage

Stephen Bassett
Sat 7 Apr 2012 18:57
We have travelled 110 Nms since this time yesterday and our destination is calling us. But, the wind can't hear the message. At the moment the wind varies from 6.5 knots to 11 knots, and the direction is fluctuating between East and North East like a pendulum. The latest weather file from Oyster Moon confirms that this is what we can expect for the last 400 miles.
Yes, under 400 miles to go now and if we maintain our speed of 4-5 knots we should arrive on Tuesday pm or early Wednesday morning.
Karacool has joined the Pacific Seafarers net (for licensed Ham Radio operators which Stephen is) and Oyster Moon has joined the PuddleJumpers net so even more people are keeping track of us.
And finally, made a loaf of brown bread today - and it is like a Brick!!! 
All the best until tomorrow.