Port Essington

Stephen Bassett
Fri 28 Jun 2013 08:24
Arrived in Port Essington and dropped the anchor at 9.30am, Friday. It has been a slower sail than anticipated with big seas and small winds. Some of the other boats headed also to Darwin are here in the bay at Port Essington. It is like a fiord really. Patrick has tried fishing again but no joy for him!!
Went ashore for a walk on the beach. There were strange animal trails – we were anxiously looking for CROCS but thankfully there were none. We decided that the size of the tracks were more likely to be Lizards or Iguanas, so we relaxed. On the way back, I missed getting into the dinghy and I and my camera went in. Although it was a lovely temperature the camera did not like it. Have tried drying it out but so far no joy. Luckily I have backed up my photos only yesterday so if I have to get a new one then so be it.
Darwin in the next day or two. I think the fishing lures might be calling tomorrow.