Feathered Visitor

Stephen Bassett
Fri 9 Mar 2012 17:51
Galapagos is just over 150 miles away. The wind is light, the swell is wide and flowing, and we are sailing at about 4.5 knots. We will arrive in Puerto Ayora on Sunday morning.
There are more birds to see and the picture shows a little martin (specific type unknown) who has adopted our parrot mascot as a roost. He or she has been with us for one day now!  There has also been a Red-footed booby sitting on the port bow but not for long.
I put out some water and birdseed that my sister, Deirdre gave me when I was home for a visit!! But as far as we know the little fella has not taken anything. There has been a 'little calling card left, however! So, parrot will need a bath!
Equator soon, just before Galapagos. So that is a big event. Oyster moon will reach Puerto Ayora today, then Marita followed by Camelot and ourselves when the wind allows.
Ta Ta for now.