Lizard Island

Stephen Bassett
Fri 7 Jun 2013 22:29
Wed 6th June.
We arrived here on Wednesday after a rollicking sail. Anchor up at 06.45Hrs and arrived at Watson’s Bay on Lizard Island at 12.45Hrs!! That was 48 Nms in 6 hours – not bad! But then the wind was 25-30 knots all the way and did not look as though it is going to slow down any time soon. We could not go ashore and had to email Iseta, who is working at the resort, and say that we were not coming ashore today.
The island looks fabulous and we are keen to follow in Cook’s footsteps. He climbed to the highest hill on the island to see a way out of the reef. He named the island Lizard and we saw some of the reasons why (Check pictures). So if the wind calms we will do that.  But in the meantime we are on-board until the wind drops or there is a space closer to the beach. To the Yachties out there, we have two (2) snubbers on the anchor chain.
Thursday 7th June
Not much sleep for any of us. Yesterday there were 18 boats at anchor plus a super yacht. There was a reshuffle this morning and so we rushed in closer to the shore where there is a little more protection from the wind. Then a little later, Iseta arrived in one of the resort launches to say hi. Poor thing, she sat on the hill by the beach for two hours yesterday, waiting for us. We could not ring as there is no mobile phone coverage so had to send her an email. So, she came to see us and make arrangements to meet later when she was free. We planned to climb to Cook’s Lookout and then would see her later. The resort is very strict about where non-paying guests go so had instructions to go to the Gazebo on the left of the beach in Anchor Bay. Sounds very exclusive at this resort.
Once the dinghy was in the water, we set off on our CLAMBER over rocks, scree and rough paths to Cooks Lookout. The hill is 379 metres above sea level. The view from the top is amazing and Cook did it without a path and and helpful arrows to point the way. A historic feeling came over us. And then the hunger pangs set in so we scrambled down to the beach and back to the boat for lunch.
Later in the afternoon, we went ashore again to meet up with Iseta. It was great to see her again. So we exchanged news, had showers and had a meal in her cottage! All still in the staff area.
After lots of gin, and a beef curry, we got back into the dinghy and headed back to Karacool – in the dark. That was fun as we had no torches and there is a reef in between us. We borrowed some and luckily the tide was high so could hug the shore line and return safely, which we did.
Friday 8th June
Did another walk today. This time we headed over to the lagoon via the airstrip. The paying guests and staff get flown in to the island. Other visitors use it as a track to the other side of the island!
It was a much easier walk than yesterday and so worth it. It is spectacular. We were all blown away with the beauty of the lagoon. After enjoying a rest on the sand and a paddle in the sea, we returned back past the airstrip. A small Cessna 5 seater plane came into land while we were passing.
Then we headed to the resort as there is an urgent need for tobacco (Cigarettes for Patrick and Pipe tobacco for Stephen) and were hoping that Iseta could bring it out this evening. By chance she walked around the corner as we got to her accomodation and so we could explain our requests.
Later, Stephen and Patrick went to collect her and she came for dinner, and she fulfilled her errands much to the satisfaction of the smokers. She was truly a lady bringing gifts.
A word of warning to travellers to Australia – it is expensive. A pack of 25 cigarettes is about 20 Aus Dollars. I will leave you to work that one out but everything is expensive here.
Saturday 9th June
And today we left Lizard Island. Time to move on. But our time at Lizard has been good.
All well on board now that smokers stocks have been replenished.
I will post some photos separately.