Panama Canal

Stephen Bassett
Mon 27 Feb 2012 16:11
This is it. We have been waiting and Sat 25th Feb 2012 is the day. We are transiting the Panama Canal today!!
Here is a picture going into the first set of locks - Gatun Locks. WE are rafted together with Camelot on the portside, and Oyster moon on the starboard side. Our advisor, Carlos is standing on our deck as we approach the first lock.
Rhu is on Oyster Moon, also making sure that we are stuck together like glue!! I hope she has enough cigarettes to last the day.
No going back now ... the ship ahead of us will go through the first three locks at Gatun with us. I hope he does not use reverse.
And behind us, the gates are being closed. I think everyone was holding their breath all the way through the first lock.