passage report

Stephen Bassett
Wed 4 Apr 2012 22:20
It's Wed 4th April and we are on day 18 out of  Galapagos bound for the Marquesas. We travelled 126 miles yesterday, and other than a nasty sneaky rainstorm in the middle of the night, we had a good sail. We had to shift quickly though and bring in the parasailor before the rain came. So far today it has been a pleasant bright day, but another small rainstorm just came our way and we had to bring it in again. That is guaranteed to make you SOOO hot. cos, now it is out again.
There is no wildlife sightings to report and we hope there will be some as we get closer to our destination. All well here despite the  varying heat and regular rain storms. Have heard that snow has been forecast in Scotland (and it is April)!!
More tomorrow, BWs.