Day Two

Stephen Bassett
Wed 15 Jan 2014 08:41
Day Two on passage started overcast and cool. Now the sun is breaking through but we have lost the wind which has dropped from 25 to 30 knots last night down to 10 knots from the South. Currently we are motor-sailing. In our first 24 hours we travelled 168 miles and are now out of site of land.
Passed Table Mountain and Capetown mid afternoon. It is such a distinctive mountain. Have seen lots of seals just basking with their flippers stuck out of the water. Then there is a flurry as they realise that something Big is headed their way. They do not play at the bows like dolphins but they are just as entertaining to watch.
Having spent a month in Simons Town we are steadily getting back into a boat routine. We have been used to three people on board from Australia, except for one month so the jobs are shared between two now. The radio nets are good and we talked to Moin and Aurora_B today. Can hear other yachts but not able to identify them yet.
It is Paul’s birthday today – so if you are checking the blog – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL. Did you get the ecard we sent?
Tuesday 15th January and all’s well on board.