Robinson Crusoe Island

Stephen Bassett
Sat 28 Jul 2012 04:18
Arrived at this anchorage, Robinson Crusoe Island resort on Likuri island, Fiji. There are no other boats here, and when we called up to ask if we could acnhor overnight, they said yes and we will send someone out to guide you in through the reefs. It felt as though the reefs were closing in on either side of us at one point, with big rollers crashing onto the reef just below the water!
We are heading towards Suva to see if we can get Karacool lifted out. We are taking our time as there are plenty lovely sights to see along the way.
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Oyster Moon coming into the anchorage a few days ago. They are in Vuda point marina sucessfully getting lifted out and other works so we will meet up with them soon.
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This is a coconut lesson into varieties. We saw this at the local fair in Savusavu. It is an amazing fruit crop and all parts of the crop and the tree are used.