Sunday Passage

Stephen Bassett
Sun 19 Jan 2014 10:35
No Sunday paper delivery here! But all well despite that. Sailing steadily at 6.5 knots (ave) and do not have to touch the sails much. However Stephen has been muttering about putting up the Parasailor but we are so on edge when it is up that we both changed the subject. If we do put it up, then we are watching to see that it flies after putting it up, and then sweat buckets trying to take it down. If the wind is steady it is fine but the slightest wobble and we take it down.
No news day here. no wildlife at all, above or below water. Have been talking on the various radio nets this morning so getting a picture of where everyone else is located at the moment.
Trip mls so far – 802Nms
Ave Speed – 6.3kts
Wind – 10-15 ESE/SE
eta St H – 25th Jan
MTG – 930 Nms (Miles to Go).