Steaming to Australia

Stephen Bassett
Sun 14 Oct 2012 01:14
Sunday 14th October - we have 175 miles to go. It will be lovely to have an old fashioned Sunday next week and even read a Sunday paper. Should arrive tomorrow afternoon (Monday).  After a while it is the little things you miss that keeps life ticking along. Any way the sea is calm and the wind is steady at 12 knots from the SE. Also the sun is shining although there are a few fluffy clouds around. The temperature drops noticeably when they cover the sun and upsets Stephen’s sunbathing session!
Went through a storm last night but the mainsail is still in one piece. Although it was repaired in New Caledonia, the sailmaker said it was time to get a new one. This one has done too many miles. Also had a flurry as I discovered some water on the floor of one of the other cabins. I went to get a book and the floor was covered in water. The water was not salty but we think that it was from some cleaning that we did when the sea came into cabin before. We found that the bilge pump tap was closed so the water had nowhere to go except up! It is alright now and the pump is working ok. It is good to have these events happening on passage - keeps you insane!!
Paul and Rhu on Oyster Moon are 60 miles behind us so we will see them on Tuesday. Keep trying to talk to them on the SSb Radio but with little success. Thankfully the rally are running a radio net and someone can usually hear us. All is well on board – really it is.
Hallo to everyone who reads this and hope all is well with you.
TTFN from Karacool.