Day 4 on Passage

Stephen Bassett
Fri 15 Jun 2012 19:20
It is a bright sunny day in the  Pacific today. The night watches are over for another day and we are getting ready for some daily chores. I think it is stainless steel cleaning today. Oh dear there is a lot of that on this yacht.
The gas for the fridge ran out overnight and so StePhen had to change the bottle. I slePt through it even though the gas locker is just above my head!!
There are 700 miles to go so another 5 days, at least, at sea. We travelled 130 miles yesterday and wish that the weather forecast is wrong. The wind is due to ease today down to 5 knots. So that will be tedious. Not that we can do anything about it.
More joys tomorrow - ttfn from Karacool.