Day 3

Stephen Bassett
Thu 16 Jan 2014 10:22
We are getting into the swing of the ocean passage now. We vary the watches so you are not stuck on the same one all the time. But because there is only two of us someone has to do almost two watches every other night. But that is fine cos you get a nice long snooze during the day. Well, that is until the Captain decides that now is a good time to re-callibrate the wind instruments. This exercise has you taking sails in and turning circles mid-ocean like a dog chasing its tail. So, life on board is not boring, folks.
Have travelled 340 miles since leaving Simons Town. Have seen several Big tankers. They all seem to be going to Singapore! Sailing at the moment but wind is right behind us, at 12 kts, SE.
All well on board