Blue Footed Boobies

Stephen Bassett
Fri 16 Mar 2012 22:36
Galapagos is just below the Equator and is made up of several islands of which only the bigger ones are populated. We are anchored in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz. This anchorage is a bit crowded but it means that we do not have to put the dinghy in the water as the water taxis ply back and forth all day and night.
If there is a blue-footed booby in the background then we must be in Galapagos. Look over to right in the photo and see a booby. They are elegant in flight and comic on the ground. We visited Seymour Island and saw Boobies, Frigate birds, BIG iguanas, incense trees, sea-lions - all living cheek by jowl. We kept to the path however as most of them were nesting.
This Iguana was a star attraction. It was very hot and there were lots of sand flies. Afterwards, we were taken to a lovely beach except for the carniverous horse flies. But it was great to have a swim and cool down.
Gunnar of Camelot and Paul from Oyster Moon are in training to be papparazzi with the poor iguana on the pathway!
We are going to 'Roach Alley' tonight. This is a street of cafes with tables in the street where the locals eat . The food is good, no frills and cheap. And if you want wine, they nip round to the corner shop and buy it!!
Will post more pictures if the connection speed is up to it.